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Meditation As A Cure For Modern Madness

3 Jul

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist For Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness& Therapy Education, London, UK. 


I don’t know who actually said it but it’s priceless….‘Thoughts are just things!’  Indeed, they are but when we constantly stay in the ‘noise’ of daily life we don’t give ourselves an opportunity to ponder and process events with sufficient depth.  The kind of depth that means we don’t over-react, take things personally and blow our tops when it’s not quite the right thing to do ;-(.  Anyway, committing to a daily meditation practice, even for 5-10 mins a day can dramatically improve our ability to process the onslaught of information that we are all fed daily and develop the power of ‘witnessing’ and ‘observing’ events with a lot less judgement and reaction.

For the last 3 years I’ve been a dedicated (most days) student of meditation and on the 30th May, I’ll return to teaching  ‘class’ but no jumping up and down for me 🙂  Instead, I’ll be sitting in virtual silence and won’t be moving very much at all!  I’m teaching my very own meditation class!  It’s a HUGE nod to simply doing what makes me happy, regardless of potential income, and without obsessing about the number of potential attendees.  But I know they’ll come, because PEOPLE JUST NEED THE TINIEST PERMISSION TO STOP! Especially here in London.

It’s being promoted, targetted at local workers, I’ve planned an awesome class and will be turning up with my cushion and my singing bowl and IT FEELS AWESOME!  Over the last couple of years ‘thanks’ to a bout of ill health,  I have finally truly come to love and crave being silent and simply STOPPING and I just want to share the power of silence with as many people as I can because I know with every fibre in my body,   IT WORKS and can be the portal for astounding transformation.  It costs virtually nothing but it’s worth its weight in gold to your sanity and mental wellbeing.  Isn’t that just like most of the things that we hold dearest in this life.

So, in the pursuit of fame, fortune and building 6-figure empires (hmmm), let’s not forget to do the stuff that just ‘feels wonderful!  Remember, on our death beds, not one of us will wish we had worked more 🙂

If you fancy a cheeky afternoon lie-down and you’re in the in the Covent Garden area of London on Wednesdays at 12 noon, come and join me – IT’S COOL TO BE QUIET!  Location: the beautiful, Good Vibes warm yoga studio, Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London.

Check out this simple style below by the lovely Tommy Rosen…..We’ll be doing great stuff like this!

Passionate About Pregnancy & Post Natal Health & Fitness Education FOREVER! 

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Got Beef?…..Do ‘The Work’ With Byron Katie!

14 May


By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education (www.burrelleducation.com)
Specialist Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness & Therapy Education

“I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.”Byron Katie

There is absolutely no point in me trying to explain this woman, I’ve seen her live a few time and it’s mesmerising.  No matter how affronted you are about anyone’s behaviour towards you or whatever beef you have – guess what?  Doing ‘The Work’ will smash it to pieces.  It’s totally hilarious how by the end of the evening you end up feeling that actually, you’re the ass!  Ha ha.  On a serious note, it’s DEEP, DEEP, DEEP.  It will ROCK  YOUR WORLD!   I remember when I went to see Katie, I managed to find a seat in a packed auditorium and sat next a woman who pulled out a massive stack of tissues and placed them at her feet.  I thought she was being a bit dramatic but trust me, we got through the whole lot.

Check out Byron Katie, she’s a gift to us all.

Passionate About Pregnancy & Post Natal Health & Fitness Education FOREVER! 

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Compare and Dispair!

25 Oct

I was having a very deep conversation the other day with a good friend about FACEBOOK and it’s potential to bring out the not-so-great co-dependent aspects of one’s personality (should you have any,  of course 🙂 ie., ‘OMG they’re doing this and going there and my life’s so dull etc., etc., etc.,   Essentially comparing other peoples’ ‘outside’ with your’ insides’ with the result that you will always get it wrong – EVERYTIME!

What I know for sure (after a couple of years of ill-health from which I’m now gratefully emerging) is that life is about BEING and not DOING and it’s in the moments when we just BE OUR FUNNY/RANDOM old selves that we experience the most deep joy.  Have you noticed how doing whatever we do in those moments (smelling a baby’s head, petting the dog, stretching, meditating, listening to music, arranging flowers, napping, smelling fresh laundry, watching a sunset or an awesome sky) costs us either nothing or very little.  So (and I say this to myself too…..) Let’s all spend a whole lot less time ‘comparing and dispairing’ and start living our AUTHENTIC lives on OUR OWN TERMS.  Possibly one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves EVER!

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