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Eat Like a Dog And Stay Slim!

5 May

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist For Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness & Therapy, London, UK.

That title got your attention didn’t it!

In a time when everyone is obsessed with restricting, it’s almost akin to swearing in church to advocate eating more, but that’s not quite what I meant….I meant, eat like MY DOG – PRINCESS POPPY!

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, and as my body and brain is in non-work mode, I thought I’d do a ‘light’ post without all the latin and facts and absoultely nothing to do with Pregnancy and Post Natal, so here goes…….

I do believe that dear Poppy has greater emotional and literal intelligence than most human beings….and all the dog owners out there know what I mean here… this is the regime she employs to keep her figure:

1.  She employs INTERMITTENT FASTING, somedays she eats masses, somedays not much at all.

2.  Poppy always drinks her water, all day long.

3.   Poppy doesn’t eat sweet things, processed food, trans fats or anything rubbish – just high class OPTIMUM NUTRITION dog food.

4.  Oddly for a dog, she loves fish!  A bit of smoked salmon goes down very well 🙂

5.  She rests, lols around and sleeps most of the day in the comfiest spot in the house – some posh furry cushions ON MY BED!

6.  She takes formal exercise 3 times a day and is always gagging for it, if I just mention the word OUT and she’s on my heels til we head out.

7.  When on the lead, she heads off at a pace, employing the POWER WALKING STRATEGY.

8.  When released from her lead she bombs around the park for 20 mins employing the HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING STRATEGY.

9.  Nevermind 8 hours sleep, I’m sure she’s on more like 14!  Truly and obviously obeying her CIRCADIAN RYTHMNS!

10.  She is friendly, outgoing, extremely good natured and likes EVERYONE! She therefore is welcomed everywhere she goes and is always treated well by humans and her other doggy pals – OBVIOUSLY HAS VERY GOOD SELF-ESTEEM.

11.  She is never angry, growly or bitey…..unless you are the postman…..what is that?

12.  She has high emotional intelligence ie.,  shifts very quickly when I start swearing and stays very very close when I cry.

13.  She only gets stressed when little children are around…she is scared of them for some reason!  If they are in the park when she arrives, she turns around to leave.  A perfect demonstration of knowing what’s good for her and walking away from things that aren’t.  I BET HER CORTISOL ISN’T VERY HIGH!

14.  She accepts all kind words and deeds offered graciously – tail wags when you praise her and you could easily get a numb arm just sitting there rubbing her belly for over an hour 🙂 SHE OBVIOUSLY HAS  HIGH SELF-WORTH!

15.  Finally, she hates going in the car!!!! Just pure organic walking for this simple girl.

Hhmmmm….so back to the title, don’t you agree – EAT, REST AND LIVE like Poppy and we’ve got it licked!

Passionate About Pregnancy & Post Natal Health & Fitness Education FOREVER! 

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Habits – A Great Excerpt From a Great Book

2 Apr

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist REPs Endorsed Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness& Therapy Education, London, UK.


A good one for those of us with clients who find it difficult to imagine changing their lives for the better – FOREVER!

A wise teacher was taking a stroll through the forest with a young pupil and
stopped before a tiny tree.

“Pull up that sapling,” the teacher instructed his pupil, pointing to a
sprout just coming up from the earth. The youngster pulled it up easily with his
fingers. “Now, pull up that one,” said the teacher, indicating a more
established sapling that had grown to about knee high to the boy. With little
effort, the lad yanked and the tree came up, roots and all. “And now this one,”
said the teacher, nodding toward a more well-developed evergreen that was as
tall as the young pupil. With great effort, throwing all his weight and strength
into the task, using sticks and stone he found to pry up the stubborn roots, the
boy finally got the tree loose.

“Now,” the wise one said, “I’d like you to pull this one up.” The young boy
followed the teacher’s gaze, which fell upon a mighty oak so tall the boy could
scarcely see the top. Knowing the great struggle he’d just had pulling up the
much smaller tree, he simply told his teacher, “I am sorry, but I can’t.”

“My son, you have just demonstrated the power that habits will have over your
life!” the teacher exclaimed. “The older they are, the bigger they get, the
deeper the roots grow, and the harder they are to uproot. Some get so big, with
roots so deep, you might hesitate to even try.”

Creatures of Habit
Aristotle wrote, “We are what we
repeatedly do.” Merriam-Webster defines habit this way: “an acquired
mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.”

There’s a story about a man riding a horse, galloping quickly. It appears
that he’s going somewhere very important. A man standing along the roadside
shouts, “Where are you going?” The rider replies, “I don’t know. Ask the horse!”
This is the story of most people’s lives; they’re riding the horse of their
habits, with no idea where they’re headed. It’s time to take control of the
reins and move your life in the direction of where you really want to go.

If you’ve been living on autopilot and allowing your habits to run you, I
want you to understand why. And I want you to let yourself off the hook. After
all, you’re in good company. Psychological studies reveal that 95 percent of
everything we feel, think, do and achieve is a result of a learned habit! We’re
born with instincts, of course, but no habits at all. We develop them over time.
Beginning in childhood, we learned a series of conditioned responses that led us
to react automatically (as in, without thinking) to most situations.

In your day-to-day life, living “automatically” has its definite positives.
If you had to consciously think about every step of each ordinary task—making
breakfast, driving the kids to school, getting to work, and so on—your life
would grind to a halt. You probably brush your teeth twice a day on autopilot.
There’s no big philosophical debate; you just do it. You strap on your seatbelt
the minute your butt hits the seat. No second thoughts. Our habits and routines
allow us to use minimal conscious energy for everyday tasks. They help keep us
sane and enable us to handle most situations reasonably well. And because we
don’t have to think about the mundane, we can focus our mental energy on more
creative and enriching thoughts. Habits can be helpful—as long as they’re good
habits, that is.

If you eat healthfully, you’ve likely built healthy habits around the food
you buy and what you order at restaurants. If you’re fit, it’s probably because
you work out regularly. If you’re successful in a sales job, it’s probably
because your habits of mental preparation and positive self-talk enable you to
stay optimistic in the face of rejection.

I’ve met and worked with many great achievers, CEOs and “superstars,” and I
can tell you they all share one common trait: They all have good
habits. That’s not to say they don’t have bad habits—they do. But not many. A
daily routine built on good habits is the difference that separates the most
successful amongst us from everyone else. And doesn’t that make sense? From what
we’ve already discussed, you know successful people aren’t necessarily more
intelligent or more talented than anyone else. But their habits take them in the
direction of becoming more informed, more knowledgeable, more competent,
better-skilled and better-prepared.

My dad used Larry Bird as an example to teach me about habits when I was a
kid. “Larry Legend” is known as one of the greatest professional basketball
players, but he wasn’t known for being the most athletically talented player.
Nobody would have described Larry as “graceful” on the basketball court. Yet,
despite his limited natural athletic ability, he led the Boston Celtics to three
world championships and remains one of the best players of all time. How did he
do it?

It was Larry’s habits—his relentless dedication to practice and to improve
his game. Bird was one of the most consistent free-throw shooters in the history
of the NBA. Growing up, his habit was to practice five hundred free-throw shots
every morning before school. With that kind of discipline, Larry made the most
of his God-given talents and kicked the butts of some of the most “gifted”
players on the court.

Like Larry Bird, you can condition your automatic and unconscious response to
be those of a developed champion. This chapter is about choosing to make up for
what you lack in innate ability with discipline, hard work and good habits. It’s
about becoming a creature of champion habits.

With enough practice and repetition, any behavior, good or bad, becomes
automatic over time. That means that even though we developed most of our habits
unconsciously (by modeling our parents, responding to environmental or cultural
associations, or creating coping mechanisms), we can consciously decide to
change them. It stands to reason that since you learned every habit you have,
you can also unlearn the ones that aren’t serving you well.

This article was excerpted from SUCCESS magazine Publisher
Darren Hardy’s new book,
The Compound Effect: Multiplying Your Results. One
Simple Step at a Time. To order the book or the complete six-CD enhanced
audio program, go to While you’re there, you can read a
free chapter from the book, sample the enhanced audio program, take the Life
Assessment Quiz, download free worksheets that’ll help you discover your core
values, take a habit assessment and more.

IFS Report and ‘How I Got Free in Blackpool’!

26 Mar

Just a quick report about Burrell Education’s first outing to IFS in Blackpool!

It was emotional!!! Knackering, exhilerating, ground-breaking, inspiring AND VERY DIFFERENT!  I have never seen participants soooooo excited and enthusiastic.  People were literally dripping with sweat and still running in to start another session, hilarious and inspiring!  The energy was massive, right until the very last sessions.  Burrell Education was with Power Plate demonstrating my new small group Post Natal System – Metabolic Mommy.  If you missed it, you can still catch it before launch at Fit Pro at Loughborough University in April.  Here,  I was using the Power Plate as the tool but there are different versions, one using dumbbells, bodyweight and resistance bands and one using the ViPR.  Basically, you can go low equipment to very high equipment and get an awesome result for the post baby client looking to lose fat and restore function and get super fit.  The response was awesome from some people who know a thing or two about training women (Katie Bulmer ( and her mom were in the house as was Kim Ingleby (  Katie, actually took home the award for Personal Trainer of the Year.  Hugely well deserved!  Check out her Little Black Dress exercise and fat loss system.

Power Plate combined it’s might with Thump Boxing, FKPro & ViPR.  The result was a room filled to capacity for EVERY session with very very happy sweaty punters.  It did, quite literally go off like a frog in a sock!  The music was awesome, the light show was crazy, just brill.  The DREAM TEAM came AND DELIVERED!

But, I think the best moment of the entire weekend came courtesy of a young man called Craig Barton!  Never met him before but he was in Marvin’s (Fitness Retreat) massage booth, so I thought he might be OK ;-)).  I actually got semi-naked for him without a moments hesistation ;-)) Don’t worry, nothing crazy, I’m a married woman.  The reason:  some of you might know that I’ve had two C-Sections 12 months apart for gynae issues, the last one happened just over a year ago…not a great look but all good now.  Basically, on my return to training I’ve always been able to feel the scar pulling  and after a heavyish session my scar would ache and totally put my workout schedule on a break, so when the lovely Craig was extolling the virtues of the strange device he was holding, I suddenly had an idea, I wonder if that would work on my C-Section scar tissue and general wierdness that was going on in that area????  And boy did it work, I was freed up in under 10 mins flat.  I OWE THIS GUY BIG TIME.  I’m going to a course on in at the end of April, followed by a bit of testing on some willing participants and will report back.  Thanks so much Craig, you’re a superstar!

If, like me, you’ve always been a FitPro devotee, give IFS a whirl next year, it’s the complete opposite and you WILL HAVE SOME SERIOUS FUN!  Just one downside……the food ;-((.  I am now on green & hemp protein shakes for at least two days to detox because I have a face full of spots and a cranky digestive system from eating white bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and drinking Dandelion and Burdock fizzy pop!  Goodness me !

Gymboss, Fat Loss and Your Post Baby Client

19 Mar

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist REPs Endorsed CPD For Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness & Therapy Education, London, UK.

A Gymboss and the Post Baby client aren’t usually mentioned in the same breath.  That sweet little pink timer above is usually associated with ball-busting sweat-fest workouts (usually including burpees!!!!) that are used to blowtorch fat in super-fast time. So why aren’t we using them with a group of clients who’s number 1 goal is FATLOSS & CHUB-BUSTING!!!  Why isn’t this the tool du jour for trainers with a client group who is desperately in need of a fat-burning hormonal reboot if ever there was one?  A bit of lateral thinking required!

The beauty of any kind of interval training is that it can be adjusted to suit EVERY level of fitness. From sofa surfer to elite athlete, the individual is challenged at their personal level of fitness.  In terms of  an early post baby client, a 30 second on/30 second off speed walking interval split for a mom who is using pram-pushing and walking as her main source of exercise  daily would yield great results if carried out for 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week.  As she improves in strength and stamina, the work phase simply increases or a combination of work phase increasing and rest phase decreasing would add even further challenge.  Brilliant for those of you who do outdoor buggy classes, great for those of you who use boxing for interval training  and great for guiding  your clients exercise sessions when she’s working on her own.  How simple is that?!  As she then regains strength, the Gymboss is then used to guide a great functional, integrated, metabolic circuit (of course it needs to be a bespoke creation for her specific needs and abilities).  Timings can be manipulated as well as the level of each exercise perfectly and progression is a piece of cake again.  Finally, when your mom is reaching the end of her ‘post baby’ phase and has returned to full health, strength and function the timer can be used for outdoor running classes, again to ensure you work at fat-blitzing intensities to get RESULTS!

Above:  One of ‘Gymbossed’ Post Baby Clients!  Before & After

As well as the Gymboss helping you perfectly manipulate intensity (vital for post baby fat loss) it totally minimizes chatting (which we all know can be a bit of a problem with some clients – joke – not!) but when the 20-30 mins of work is done guess what… then get lots of time to perform some great hands on stretches, perform a little of massage  or other soft tissue release and, even finish off with an end of workout breath meditation and a CHAT;-) adding HUGE value to your service. IT’S  BEEN THE WAY FORWARD NOW FOR THE REST OF FITNESS AND POST NATAL IS COMING ALONG ON THE JOURNEY TOO!

Remember……………Keep it passionate, mediocrity is a sin ;-))

(Thanks to my dear friend Julie Bartlett for shining the light – mwah XX)

You can buy a Gymboss anywhere online but as a Pregnancy/Post Baby Specialist, you might want to get yours here – – MUTU is the creation of another dear friend of mine, Wendy Powell and while you’re there, check out her brilliant and inspirational site and blog.

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9 Cinnamon Benefits

6 Mar

Another good one from Pats Farmacy!

Pat's Farmacy









The Amazing Power of Cinnamon*:

  1. Cinnamon extract and/or cinnamon improves fasting blood sugarin people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes.
  2. The intake of 2g of cinnamon for 12 weeks significantly reduces the HbA1c, systolic and diastolic blood pressuresamong poorly controlled type 2 diabetes patients.
  3. Cinnamon oil (cinnamaldehyde) hastherapeutic activity against oral Candida infection.

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Top 9 Healthy Fats

6 Mar

Love this blog, always short, sweet and informative!

Pat's Farmacy

9 Healthy Fats for Healing:

1.  Coconut Oil (organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, extra virgin)
2.  Sesame Oil (organic, cold-pressed)
3.  Flax Seed Oil (organic, cold-pressed)

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Why Alcohol Makes You Fat ;-(

24 Jan

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist For Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness& Therapy Education, London, UK.

I know some clients don’t want to hear this……..but I think a little clarity on the ‘science-bit’ will help us all make better choices……especially hormonally-compromised Post Natal women seeking fat loss who habitually polish off a couple of glasses of wine after they have put the baby down for the night.  Absolutely no judgement here, just presenting information to empower 🙂

Alcohol has  a two-fold negative effect on our ability to lose fat:

1.  Alcohol is  highly calorific   and easily over-consumed.  Compare it’s calorific value with the other components of our diet:

 Alcohol is 7kcal/g, fat is 9 kcal/g, both protein and carbohydrate are roughly 4kcal/g).

2.  The simple presence of alcohol in your system has a hugely negative impact on your ability to metabolise fat.  Period!

This was illustrated by a study where 8 men were given two drinks of vodka and lemonade separated by 30 minutes.  Each drink contained just under 90 calories.  Fat metabolism was measured before and after consumption of the drink.


The reason why alcohol has this dramatic effect on fat metabolism has to do with the way alcohol is handled in the body.  Rather than getting stored as fat, the main fate of alcohol is conversion into acetate and the presence of acetate in the system puts the brakes on fat loss. The greater the quantity of alchohol, the greater the quantity of acetate created, the less likely fat is metabolised.

In other words, your body tends to use whatever you feed it, and after a time becomes adapted to the macro nutrient intake. Unfortunately when acetate levels rise, your body burns the acetate preferentially.

So the body simply burns the acetate first, this basically pushes fat oxidation out of the metabolic equation.

Passionate Pregnancy & Post Natal Health, Fitness & Therapy Education – FOREVER!

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