3 Excellent ‘Core and Floor’ Exercises for the Post Natal Client

15 May

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons) – Founder of Burrell Education (www.burrelleducation.com)
Specialist Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness & Therapy Education

For rationale on grading the PN client as Level 1 to 4, please see blog article entitled: ‘5 VITAL Steps to Post Natal Fitness Programming’ – Posted in January 2012.

1.  Kneeling Scapular Retraction & Abdominal Scooping – Looks simple but there’s a lot’s going on here.  This exercise is great for activating the lumbar and thoracic musculature/fascia.  Holding the kneeling hip flexion position ‘turns’ on this musculature and fascia whilst simultaneously performing scapular retraction by pulling the band wide activates deconditioned thoracic musculature.  TVA/PF activation occurs as the client aims to withstand the pull of gravity on her abdominals by activating TVA and its synergist PF. Suitable for Levels 3 & 4 clients.  If the client is unable to activate TVA and keep her abs pulled in as she works, this position is too advanced for her.  You can regress this exercise by performing it in a standing position (still with hip flexion) to reduce the effect of gravity on still weakened abdominal muscles.

2.  Assisted Heel Drops – One for the Pilates massive! – I teach this in the ‘flat back’ or ‘imprint’ lumbar position for the PN client to off-set and de-train her anterior tilted pelvis and to assist in lengthening shortened lumbar musculature and fascia.  The flat back also ensures that the lengthened abdominals are being re-strengthened in a shortened position.  An early PN exercise (Level 2 onwards).  Client gently holds here knees as she works, ensuring the at TVA activation and the lumbar position is maintained throughout.  As the client progresses, the hands can be placed on the floor as she works.  You might find that early returning C-Section clients might first need to be regressed to  HEEL SLIDES before progressing onto these ASSISTED HEEL DROPS.

3.  Kneeling Straight Arm Press Downs with NEUTRAL PELVIS!  – A great way to strengthen the abdominals without creating the usual intra-abdominal pressure associated with crunches.  Emphasize NEUTRAL PELVIS and TVA activation at all times to ensure the abdominals are not strengthened in a lengthened position and the Pelvic Floor muscles are in the perfect position to be activated.  Start and finish positions are shown.  Suitable for Levels, 2,3 and 4 clients.  In forder to ensure total core activation, cue the client to exhale as she simultaneously presses her arms downwards and draws her belly-button towards the spine.  This will have a synergistic benefit to the pelvic floor muscles and muscles and fascia of the lumbar region.

Caveat:  This information is intended for use by Certified Specialist Professional seeking inspiration when programming for the Post Natal client.  If you are a mom looking for suitable exercises after your baby, please seek professional help/advice before commencing any exercise programme.

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