10 Books For An Awesome Mindset!

2 May

 By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Specialist For Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness & Therapy, London, UK.


1.  Gary Zukav – The Seat of the Soul – Deep, deep, deep – like a spiritual punch in the head.  Mr. Zukav will rock your tiny world.  Tough spirtual love but on the money every time.

2.  Steering by Starlight – Martha Beck – stuck in a rut? Get quiet! Simple!  :-)) Then get busy doing what the hell you came here to do!!!!!!!!  Martha holds no punches.  The book is full of gems that will guide you to a kick ass life if you are prepared to go through the ‘ring of fire’.

3.  Age of Miracles – Marianne Williamson – Unashamedly women’s business!!!!!!! Especially if you’re over 40!  You know who you are 🙂

4.  Broken Open – Elizabeth Lesser – ooooooooh this will make you cry, cause that’s what you do when you’re broken down and lose the ‘game face’.

5.  Practicing the Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle – Anything by this man is gold. DEEP and profound.  A real life changer.

6.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey – foundation text by the father of ‘get your ass in gear’…with love.

7.  Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – always think ‘shame about the title’ – gives a false impression.  Written in the 1920’s and still as relevant as ever.  The truth never changes.

8.  10 Spiritual Principles of Successful Women – Victoria Lowe – found this in an airport bookshop in Chicago when I was en route to the home of Oprah, how apt.  Honest and inspiring text.

9.   Life with Full Attention- Maitreyabandhu – a Bhuddism inspired text that just stops you in your tracks and insists you create PEACE AND STILLNESS in your life DAILY!!!!! Amen.

10.  A Thousand Names for Joy – Byron Katie – Ms Katie is peace personified – her quote ‘Happiness is a quiet mind’ is a personal mantra.  De-junk your life on every level  -PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS and keep it simple, simple, simple.

www.burrelleducation.com – Passionate About Pregnancy & Post Natal Health & Fitness Education FOREVER! 



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