Compare and Dispair!

25 Oct

I was having a very deep conversation the other day with a good friend about FACEBOOK and it’s potential to bring out the not-so-great co-dependent aspects of one’s personality (should you have any,  of course 🙂 ie., ‘OMG they’re doing this and going there and my life’s so dull etc., etc., etc.,   Essentially comparing other peoples’ ‘outside’ with your’ insides’ with the result that you will always get it wrong – EVERYTIME!

What I know for sure (after a couple of years of ill-health from which I’m now gratefully emerging) is that life is about BEING and not DOING and it’s in the moments when we just BE OUR FUNNY/RANDOM old selves that we experience the most deep joy.  Have you noticed how doing whatever we do in those moments (smelling a baby’s head, petting the dog, stretching, meditating, listening to music, arranging flowers, napping, smelling fresh laundry, watching a sunset or an awesome sky) costs us either nothing or very little.  So (and I say this to myself too…..) Let’s all spend a whole lot less time ‘comparing and dispairing’ and start living our AUTHENTIC lives on OUR OWN TERMS.  Possibly one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves EVER!


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